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Do you need immigration help? If you are seeking a devoted Las Vegas immigration attorney to help you get results give us a call today for a free consultation! We offer flexible appointment times. To set up an appointment for your consultation please call us on (702) 423-2721. Alternatively you can use our Appointment Request Form on our Contact Us page to submit your request and we will call or email you back promptly.

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The US immigration process can be complex and confusing. If you are a foreign national seeking help with an immigration or US citizenship issue, or a U.S. business seeking help with employment based visas, Goodin Law P.A. gives you the commitment of a dedicated Las Vegas Nevada immigration law attorney.

At Goodin Law P.A., we not only simplify the process, but offer prompt, personalized and comprehensive legal counsel on your immigration matters. We have years of experience, and a true understanding of immigration laws and procedures.

We are one of the best immigration attorneys to assist you because we are passionate about helping our clients successfully navigate through the US immigration and US citizen application process and achieve their immigration goals. We are different because we not just help to prepare your legal case; we help to prepare you for immigration success.

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We understand how much your immigration goals mean to you. We also understand that finding the best immigration lawyer in Las Vegas to help you with your goals is not easy. That is why we offer free initial consultations with our immigration attorney. This way you can learn more about your immigration options and choose the immigration lawyer that works best for you and your needs.

Our main practice areas include marriage green cards, k1 visas, naturalization, citizenship, e-2 investor visas and other immigration matters. As a client you will get direct access to an experienced Las Vegas green card attorney who has handled many cases successfully.

Our attorney handles each case from start to finish, provide frequent updates and is available to answer your questions along the way. You may have questions about working in the United States, affidavits of support and obtaining probative documents such as bona fide marriage affidavits and criminal records to prove your case. You get the personal attention of our Las Vegas immigration attorney every step of the way to secure a positive result. You also get affordable immigration lawyer fees.

For more information, or to sit down with a lawyer to find out your immigration options, please contact the firm today for a free consultation. We provide immigration law services throughout the Las Vegas metro area and surrounding areas. Call us today.

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Many people prefer to hire the services of a qualified immigration lawyer rather than trying to muddle through legal situations that they don't feel capable of handling on their own. You can have attorney Gary David Goodin as your local legal representative instead of trying to function as your own legal representative.

We work with an international clientele and have successfully represented persons from Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Nigeria, Ghana, Venezuela, the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Romania, Italy, France, Hungary, South Africa and other countries. Once you explain your circumstances to us, we'll tell you what we feel is the proper legal strategy to take. Got a busy schedule? Don't worry if your schedule is busy because we can adjust our hours to accommodate you.

Our practice areas include:
•Immigration law
•Green Card law
•Citizenship law
•Visa law

For a Las Vegas immigration lawyer who gives excellent service to every client, consult with Goodin Law P.A. in Las Vegas, NV. Call us and find out how we'll protect your rights and interests. We're available Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm. Get's get started today!