Family & Marriage Green Cards

A major avenue through which persons can obtain a Permanent resident card commonly referred to as a “green card” is through a family member who is a U.S. citizen... Read More

Fiance Visa Petitions

The foreign fiancé of a U.S. citizen who is outside the United States may be eligible to obtain a K1 visa. A K1 visa is designed to facilitate admission... Read More

U.S. Citizenship

A person who has been a permanent resident for 5 years (3 years for spouses of U.S. citizens) may be eligible for U.S. citizenship by naturalization. To become a... Read More

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Las Vegas Metro Area U.S. Immigration Law Firm

The US immigration process can be complex and confusing. If you are a foreign national seeking help with an immigration or citizenship or US visa matter, Goodin Law P.A. gives you the commitment of a dedicated Las Vegas immigration attorney. Goodin Law P.A. proudly helps persons live and work in the United States legally and get US citizenship. We help you get the legal status you desire and remove the complicated immigration Read More