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Goodin Law is a Las Vegas immigration law firm dedicated to helping persons, businesses and corporations immigrate to the United States legally and smoothly. Our Las Vegas immigration attorney combines experience in family and business immigration processes and provides confidential and experienced advice and immigration lawyer representation.

Though the immigration process can be complicated, difficult and nerve-racking, we are here to help you take the worry and stress out of immigration whether it be an employment or family-based visa matter. Find out why we are one of the truly best immigration lawyers for your immigration needs.

Family Petitions:

Immigrating to the United States and life can be tough without family, and those you love. We offer our legal counsel to help you bring your spouse, family, relatives and fiancé to the United States smoothly and worry free. We also help to preserve your hard-won green card status and resolve matters with immigration waivers and complex citizenship issues.

Family Green Card

Green Card Through Marriage and Family Green Card

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  • Parents (petitioners are U.S. citizens over 21)
  • Spouses (petitioners are U.S. citizens or permanent residents) – including same-sex petitions
  • Children (unmarried, under 21, petitioners are U.S. citizens or permanent residents)Unmarried sons and daughters over 21 (petitioners are U.S. citizens or permanent residents)
  • Married sons and daughters, any age (petitioners are U.S. citizens)
  • Siblings (brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens only)
  • Battered Spouse Petitions (Violence Against Women’s Act VAWA)
  • Petitions for Removal of Conditions on Residence (10 year green card)
  • Green Card Renewal Applications and other green card lawyer services

K-1 Visas

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  • Fiancee visa petitions and applications (fiancé of U.S. citizens only) – including same-sex k1 fiance visa
  • Spousal K3 visa petitions and applications (spouses of U.S. citizens only)

Employment Based Petitions:

Goodin Law represents professionals, small businesses, and corporate clients throughout the United States as well as a number of countries around the world. We help our clients obtain temporary work visas, labor certification, permanent residence and investor visas.

Temporary Work Visas and Green Card through Employment.

E1 visas -(non-immigrant traders in goods or services)
E2 Visa (Non-immigrant investors)
E3 visas – Australian Professionals
Eb1 visa petitions – for people with “extraordinary ability” and L1 multinational managers and executives.
Eb2 visa immigrant petitions for advanced degree professionals and people with “exceptional ability” – National Interest Waivers (NIW).
H1B visa
L visas and L1 Visa Extension
O visas
P visas
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US Citizenship

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Goodin Law represents persons in complex citizenship cases. In addition to demonstrating their commitment to the United States, many permanent residents become Naturalized US citizens because of the many practical benefits of citizenship. Those benefits include priority service when they petition for family members to immigrate to the U.S. and avoiding deportation. We also provide legal counsel to dual US citizens in reunification of citizenship cases.

US Citizenship by Naturalization

Derivative Citizenship/Certificate of Citizenship

Medical Waiver of Disability

Renunciation of Citizenship

Las Vegas immigration lawyer Gary Goodin offers case evaluations in most US immigration law matters. Call or email us now!

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