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Presumptive immigration marriage fraud

Presumptive immigration marriage fraud – from permanent resident by marriage to immigration petition for a new spouse in less than 5 years When a permanent resident obtained a green card by marriage which later ends in divorce, an immigration petition for a new spouse cannot be approved if filed within 5 years of obtaining permanent […]

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Sample Certificate of Translation

What is a certified translation? A birth certificate, marriage certificate or any document in a language other than English, submitted to USCIS or an immigration court, must be accompanied by a Certified English Translation, i.e. a copy or original of the document must be accompanied by two things; A translation into English (e.g. a birth certificate translation), […]

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Information for Marriage visa and K visa holders

Green card marriage issues As Las Vegas immigration attorney who handles marriage immigration cases, I often see cases where the foreign nationals worry that their immigration status in the United States depends on someone else and the US citizens worry that the foreign national will divorce them after receiving a green card. Abusive cases One […]

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US Fiance Visa

Protected: Filing the K1 Visa Petition

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Birth Marriage certificate not available

When required documents for immigration are not available As an immigration attorney I sometimes encounter a case where the client does not have the documents to prove that he is eligible for a visa. These types of case require care and skill. Here is a brief discussion of the issue using a birth certificate as […]

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What is K3 Visa?

The K3 Visa As a Las Vegas immigration lawyer I often see cases where a US citizen is petitioning for a spouse living abroad and become concerned about the time it will take to bring the spouse to the United States. The k3 visa might be one option that the US citizen might consider. K3 […]

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