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USCIS is the service arm of the Department of Homeland Security, that administers immigration benefits.

Presumptive immigration marriage fraud

24 May

Presumptive immigration marriage fraud – from permanent resident by marriage to immigration petition for a new spouse in less than 5 years When a permanent resident obtained a green card by marriage which later ends in divorce, an immigration petition for a new spouse cannot be approved if filed within 5 years of obtaining permanent […]

Sample Certificate of Translation

04 Nov

What is a certified translation? Any foreign language birth certificate, marriage certificate other document of evidentiary value that is submitted to USCIS or an immigration court in connection with an application or petition, must be accompanied by a Certified English Translation. The Certified English Translation is a full English language translation which the translator has certified as […]

Information for Marriage visa and K visa holders

01 Aug

Green card marriage issues As Las Vegas immigration attorney who handles marriage immigration cases, I often see cases where the foreign nationals worry that their immigration status in the United States depends on someone else and the US citizens worry that the foreign national will divorce them after receiving a green card. Abusive cases One […]