Acquiring a K1 Fiance Visa

Before marrying abroad consider the K1 visa If you’re a United States citizen and you want to marry a foreign national you can petition for the foreign national with a k1 visa petition. A k-1 visa can be a fast way to bring you fiance to the United States, rather than marrying them abroad and… Read More

C visa adjustment of status

If you came to the United States as a crewman of a ship or plane and you are married to a US citizen, you may be able to adjust status to get a green card under certain limited conditions. The general rule is no adjustment for crewmen. However an exception to the general rule where… Read More

H1b visa employer – employee relationship

Who controls the employment of the h1b visa worker? A U.S. employer may have questions about how to sponsor h1b visa workers to fill vacancies for which US persons are unavailable. If you are an employer seeking to file an H1b petition, you must demonstrate a valid employer-employee relationship whether you are filing an initial… Read More

Renunciation of US citizenship

With concern over higher tax rates in the United States relative to some low tax destinations such as Singapore and Belarus, and the rise of economic citizenship in many emerging countries around the world a record number of United States citizens especially those who identify themselves as investors have sought renunciation of US citizenship as… Read More

Baby Born Abroad to Green Card Mother

Q. I have a green card and I gave birth while visiting Romania. My husband is not a United States citizen. How do I return to the United States with my baby? How can I get a green card for my baby? Generally, arriving aliens seeking admission as immigrants must have a valid unexpired passport… Read More

What if I came here illegally?

How to get a green card If you came here illegally the first thing you want to do is get legal status. And by legal status I mean getting a green card. Some people who enter the United States illegally may also be eligible for asylum if they have a well-founded fear of persecution on… Read More

Stokes Interview

The not so nice Stokes interview So you are sure you love each other and the marriage green card interview should be as easy as a walk in the park. Right?  If you fail to convince the immigration officer at your first marriage immigration interview that you have a good faith marriage, the USCIS may… Read More

The American F Visa for International Students

Qualifying for F Visas F visas can open worlds of opportunity for international students coming to the United States to pursue academic studies and language training. F visas can also be used to keep up status for certain family preference immigrants such as the older children of permanent residents. It should not matter if similar… Read More

H1B Transfer 2016

Requirements for H1B Transfer The h1b transfer (portability) provisions of section 105 of the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act (AC21) [INA 214(n)] permits an H1B transfer to a new employer under certain conditions. To transfer, the prospective employment must meet all the requirements of INA § 214(n) including the requirement that the new… Read More

How to find a good immigration lawyer

Finding a good immigration lawyer is one of the most critical steps to get your immigration case approved and secure yourself and your family. Finding a good immigration lawyer can seem overwhelming because of the competitiveness of the legal industry. The following are quick tips for finding an immigration lawyer that is the right fit… Read More

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