Employment green cards

Employment green cards for highly qualified applicants

If you are highly skilled or have capital to invest you may qualify to get a work visa or an investor visa that will allow you to make money in the United States for as long as you wish. Green cards are issued to up to 140,000 employment based immigrants annually to work in green card jobs. These jobs are in areas where there is a shortage of trained U.S. workers to meet the needs of U.S. employers. Some people may also be able to get employment based green cards without job offers or employers to petition for green cards for them.

The Green Card

What is your employment green card preference?

Employment based green cards are issued based upon a preference system. The preference system matter a lot because waiting times for a green card vary. The system is divided into 5 groups.

  • EB1 preference – allots approximately 40,000 immigrant visa numbers (plus any left over from the EB4 and EB5 preferences) to “priority workers,” consisting of aliens with extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, and certain transferring multinational executives and managers. An offer of employment may not be required.
  • EB2 preference – allots approximately 40,000 immigrant visa numbers the same numerical allocation, (plus any overage from the EB 1st preference) to members of the professions who hold advanced degrees or their equivalent and for aliens of exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business.
  • EB3 preference – allots approximately 40,000 immigrant visa numbers (plus any left over from the first and second EB preference) to skilled workers, professionals, and other workers (those needing less than two years of experience) for non-temporary, non-seasonal work.
  • EB4 preference – allots up to approximately 10,000 immigrant visa numbers to “special immigrants,” including ministers of religion.
  • EB5 preference – allots up to approximately 10,000 immigrant visa numbers for certain investors of defined amounts in a “commercial enterprise” that creates at least ten full-time jobs, subject to certain conditions designed to discourage fraud.


Immigrants in Eb2 and Eb3 preference generally must receive labor certification. Employment based immigration petitions are generally filed with USCIS on Form I-140. Though a potential employer may file for you, you may act as your own petitioner if you are an immigrant of extraordinary ability in the Eb1 preference, a second-preference beneficiary who is exempted from the requirement of a job offer (and labor certification), certain fourth preference immigrant or a fifth preference investor.



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