Form DS 230: Application for Immigrant Visa

As a Las Vegas US immigration lawyer I represent clients who immigrate to the United States through a US family member. Form DS 230 is the immigrant visa and alien registration application form that each immigrant visa applicant must complete when applying for an immigrant visa at a US consulate. It must be completed before an immigrant visa interview can be scheduled. Form DS-230 consists of two parts

        Part I – Biographic Data

        Part II – Sworn Statement

The application must be accompanied by originals of all civil documents and photocopy of required documents. The should not wait until the last minute to gather these documents.

Who must complete DS 230

The principal applicant and family minor children must complete the form. A parent can complete the form for a child under 14 and may sign for a child under 16, and write “by mother or father” whichever one applies.

When to File?

The application is to be filed after you have paid the immigrant visa processing fee bill and affidavit of support fee and the National Visa Center has informed you that you may apply for an immigrant visa.

Filing Tips for US Immigration Form DS 230

1. Write the applicant’s name and NVC case number on the upper right hand corner of each document

2. Sign Part I of the form only. Complete but DO NOT sign Part II. Part II must be signed at the visa interview.

3. Complete a response in each block except item 45

4. Complete ALL sections of the application forms. DO NOT leave any question unanswered.Any all questions truthfully and completely.

5. For item 1 the spelling and name order must be the same as in your passport. Include all names you have used in the past. A married woman must include her full name as used before marriage, after marriage, and any other aliases.

6. It is very important that your final address in the United States is complete and accurate, including a ZIP code. This is the address that DHS will use to mail you your green card.

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