7 quick tips for the green card marriage interview

The marriage immigration interview

As an immigration lawyer in Las Vegas, I often see cases of couples interested in marriage immigration who limit their focus to just documentary evidence or paperwork not realizing the importance of the marriage green card interview. Some immigration officers are more concerned with an oral examination of the couple under oath where the couple is asked to answer questions in real time. Even with extensive documentary evidence of the good faith of the marriage, the immigration officer interviewing you may still put more weight and credibility on what she learns from the couple’s oral testimony at an adjustment of status interview.

What questions will they ask at the green card interview?

Any question that is material and relevant to the marriage relationship and your eligibility for a green card is fair game. As there is no magic list of immigration marriage interview questions, it is important to seek legal advice and prepare for the green card marriage interview.

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7 tips for marriage immigration interview success

Arrive early. Thirty minutes early is good. If you have never been to the USCIS Service Office, do a test-run the week before at a similar time to the scheduled interview time to find out about traffic and parking.

Bring originals. Be sure to bring originals and copies of all documents submitted with the application to adjust status including your marriage certificate, divorce decree, recent pay stubs, and passport.

Wedding rings.Remember to wear your wedding rings to the interview. The presence or absence of this real piece of evidence is relevant.

Photos. Bring your albums with pictures of the marriage ceremony, reception, trips and social outings with friends and family to show the interviewing officer. A picture is worth a thousand words. But choose pictures carefully. Avoid any photo that is culturally offensive or otherwise inappropriate.

Bring your house keys. Do you each have a copy of the same house or apartment key?

Cell-phones. Bring your cell phones with your spouses number on speed dial. With the widespread use of smartphone and social media the immigration officer may wish to view your social media postings from your smart phone. Of course you have the right to refuse such as request and terminate the interview but the Department of Homeland Security may make a decision based on the evidence it has. The decision may not be the one who want.

Relax. Act affectionately and naturally with each other. Do not pretend that the marriage is perfect. A real one never is.


Marriage immigration interviews are crucial. Still immigration interview preparation is an area that many often neglect.

The best marriage green card interview tip of all is to get legal advice early from a competent legal professional because your future together in the United States and your ability to get or keep a job may depend on it. Also remember to be forthright and honest in answering questions as you are under oath.

If you are interested in obtaining a green card by marriage and have questions, call us to schedule a consultation at 702-423-2721 with an experienced green card attorney. We would be happy to sit down with you and your spouse to discuss your special situation.

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