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At Goodin Law, our goal is to give exceptional immigration legal services to our clients. We help you immigrate to the United States safely and quickly. Our Las Vegas immigration attorney combines proven experience in family and business immigration processes.

If you are like most people the immigration process can be complicated, stressful and nerve-racking. The Department of Homeland Security is now reviewing applications with heightened scrutiny, enforcing all grounds of inadmissibility and monitoring compliance with the terms of admission.

We are here to help you make it easier, whether you need an employment visa or a family visa. We help you get results. Find out why we are one of the truly best immigration lawyers for your immigration needs.


Immigrating to the United States and life can be tough without your family, and those you love. We offer our legal counsel to help you bring your spouse, family, relatives to the United States quickly and easily or to apply for permanent residence or adjust status . We also help you to keep your hard-won green card status and with immigration waiver petition and complex affidavit of support issues.

Family Green Card

Green Card Through Marriage and Family Green Card

Marriage Green Card Las Vegas

We help with green cards and immigrant visas for:
  • Spouses (petitioners are U.S. citizens or permanent residents) – including same-sex petitions
  • Parents (petitioners are U.S. citizens over 21)
  • Children (unmarried, under 21, petitioners are U.S. citizens or permanent residents)Unmarried sons and daughters over 21 (petitioners are U.S. citizens or permanent residents)
  • Married sons and daughters, any age (petitioners are U.S. citizens)
  • Siblings (brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens only)
  • Battered Spouses (Violence Against Women’s Act VAWA)
  • Change of Venue for Immigrant Visa Interview and NVC processing.
We also help you with the following green card matters:
  • Removal of Conditions on Residence (10 year green card) – you have sacrificed to become a permanent resident, don’t let anyone take it away!
  • Green Card Renewal Applications and other green card lawyer services
  • Reentry permits
  • SB-1 Visas for Returning Residents
  • Cuban Adjustment Act cases
  • Adjustment of Status for Asylees and Refugees

Fiance Visas

Love knows no national borders. If you are a US citizen intending to marry someone you met abroad, the fiancé visa may be right for you. Using the fiancé visa, your fiancé should arrive in the United States quicker than if you married her abroad first. However with the fiancé visa option, you must marry in the United States within 90 days after your foreign fiancé arrives in the United States. After your wedding, your fiancé can apply to USCIS for a green card and you may both be interviewed by an immigration officer.
Fiancee Las Vegas Lawyer

We help you with:
  • Fiancee visa petitions and applications (fiancé of U.S. citizens only) – including same-sex k1 fiancé visa
  • Spousal K3 visa petitions and applications (spouses of U.S. citizens only)
  • K1 visa waivers of inadmissibility (e.g. fraud or unlawful presence)

Do you need an experienced Las Vegas naturalization lawyer?


Goodin Law represents persons in complex citizenship cases. In addition to demonstrating your commitment to the United States, many permanent residents become naturalized US citizens because of the many practical benefits of citizenship. Those benefits include priority service when you petition for family members to immigrate to the U.S. and derivative citizenship for your foreign-born children. Do you want US citizenship? Contact our Las Vegas naturalization lawyer today.
Las Vegas Naturalization lawyer

We offer services for:
  • US Citizenship by Naturalization
  • Derivative Citizenship/Certificate of Citizenship
  • Medical Waiver of Disability
  • Renunciation of Citizenship


Goodin Law represents professionals, small businesses, and corporate clients in Las Vegas Nevada and beyond. We can help you find the right visa program for you. We help you get temporary work visas, labor certification, permanent residence and investor visas. We also help you keep lawful status by complying with the rules that govern your work visa. We help employers and entrepreneurs who need help with certain business immigration matters.
e2 visa lawyer Las Vegas - Las Nevada

Temporary Work Visas and Green Card through Employment.

Gary David Goodin, Las Vegas attorney, immigration and naturalization. Case evaluations in most US immigration and visa matters. Call or email us now!